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The CBA is led by the Executive Committee, which consists of the President and two Executive Directors, supervised by a Board of Supervisory Directors. The legal tasks of the CBA are divided among four divisions that oversee nineteen departments. Each division is supervised by a division manager who reports directly to either the President or one of the two Executive Directors. There are two stand-alone departments whose managers fall directly under either the President or an Executive Director.

We strive for extensive collaboration among departments to enhance our understanding of complex issues and to enable knowledge-sharing. Employees team up with other colleagues from other departments and divisions through cross-functional teams, such as working groups, think tanks, project teams, and committees. Although the organizational structure comprises divisions and departments, it is the sum of their efforts that enables us to execute our mandate efficiently and effectively, and provides our stakeholders and clients with reliable products and services.  


Supervision & Enforcement


Pay. Sys., Treasury & Banking Ops.


Supervision & Enforcement


Economic Policy & Financial Stability


Strategy, Planning & Information


Payment Systems, Treasury & Banking Operations



Internal Audit


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