The Strategy, Planning & Information division consists of five departments.


Strategy & Planning

The Strategy & Planning department supports the development of CBA’s strategic plan, executes the annual planning cycle (including the strategy process), and advises the organization on strategic and organizational matters. 

Physical Security

The Physical Security department takes care of the safety and security of our employees and visitors, as well as CBA's physical security infrastructure. The department also provides security policy advice to management.

Human Resources

The Human Resources department (HR) executes HR strategy and policies, advises on HR-related matters, and handles the personnel and salary administration. 

Information Security

The Information Security department maintains an adequate level of information security for CBA’s IT infrastructure, and ensures the reliability and integrity of the IT-environment and systems. This department also contributes to national incident response. 

Information Technology (IT)

IT operates and manages the IT infrastructure, using technologies as an enabler for efficient and effective business processes, supports the organization on all technology matters, and contributes to the digital transformation of the CBA through project execution and advice. 

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